CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee For Flights + $50 In Cheapcash


CheapTickets was part of Orbitz that Expedia bought few years. Now it is merely skin of Expedia as are the sister sites such as Orbitz and Travelocity.

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee

CheapTickets offers Best Price Guarantee program where it promises to match a lower price, refund the difference and give $50 in Cheapcash after the travel has been completed to be used towards prepaid hotel reservations in the future.

You can access CheapTickets here.

I have previously written about Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz best price guarantees. The terms and conditions in all four are identical but how the $50 discount is applied varies.

Travelocity and Expedia issue you a coupon ($100 minimum spend with Travelocity and $200 on Expedia) and you cannot combine it with general discount coupon offer that they might be running (rendering the coupon in some cases worthless).

Orbitz and CheapTickets, however, have different approach. They deposit the $50 Best Price Guarantee “coupon” to your rewards account that you can then later use towards prepaid hotel. Combining several of these and rewards that you earn from regular booking with usual around 15% coupon code, allows you to have entirely free stay.

Here are the CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee-cases that I did on Saturday:

Thai Airways Phuket – Bangkok in Business

CheapTickets price:

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK C

Vayama price

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK C Vayama

CheapTickets undisclosed booking fee:

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK C Fee

Thai Airways Phuket – Bangkok in Economy

CheapTickets price:

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK Y

Vayama price

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK Y Vayama

CheapTickets undisclosed booking fee:

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK Y Fee

Filing the Claim:

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK C Email Confirmation

I filed both claims separately and attached screenshot (full web page) from Vayama.

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee TG HKT-BKK C Approved

Took 5 hours and 9 minutes to get the first reply and 5 hours and 8 minutes for the second one.

Things to note:

1. Comparison website must be US based, list prices in USD and in English

2. The screenshot must show the total price, flight numbers and cabin. It does not need to show the cabin fare class

3. You can only earn THREE $50 Best Price Guarantee credits per any calendar month. This is not based on when the claim is originally filed but rather when the travel is completed and agent processes the refund and the $50 Cheapcash credit.

It is impossible to have all the info for four segment return flight on one screen. Your claim will be denied but you can then reply with screenshots that show the all flights and prices.

One reader had issue when the price was higher only due to the Cheaptickets ticketing fee that is usually around $7. They refused to match the price. If you read the T&Cs, they always refer to the total price on both sites. The total price on CheapTickets also includes the fee that is not disclosed before you actually make the purchase and have a look at the receipt. Note that CheapTickets doesn’t always charge a ticketing fee.

If you make the booking on Friday (Pacific Time), you can cancel it without any fees until midnight Monday (Pacific Time) in case the BPG is not successful.

Combining Cheapcash with CheapTickets coupon:

CheapTickets Best Price Guarantee Using Cheapcash

I made a booking for a friend (rather cheap hotel in Hua Hin) and applied both general 16% off coupon plus the Cheapcash that I had on the account covered the rest.


I tend to use Expedia companies (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and CheapTickets) to book my short-haul and sometimes long-haul flights that are not complicated enough that they would warranted to be ticketed by a travel agent.

There are usually slight price differences between these Expedia companies (usually cents) that you can use to trigger the price match. These $50 coupons definitely do come handy especially with Orbitz and Cheaptickets where they just dump them to your rewards account total and are combinable with general percentage off coupons.

CheapTicket was offering $15 in Cheapcash for each of the two booking I made last week, but I had already maxed out the yearly limit that you can earn ($100) from flight purchases. These are also credited to your Cheapcash account and can be used towards prepaid hotel bookings.

Believe or not, I am every once in a while in places where there are no hotels from the chains that I frequent. I then tend to burn these reward currencies. I try to file both Orbitz and CheapTickets claims to ensure that I don’t exceed the three claims per month limit.