Juneyao Airlines Passengers Sneak 4 Year Old Daughter Onto Plane, Claiming Child Is Too Short To Buy A Ticket


Parents of a 4 year old girl managed to sneak their daughter through all security check and onto a Juneyao Airlines flight from Beijing to Shanghai – without a ticket for her.

After the stowaway was discovered and the situation rectified the flight had incurred a five hour delay, 1.5 hours for the incident itself and the remainder due to deteriorated weather and a missed departure slot.

Despite Chinese airports usually having pretty tight security checks it was apparently no problem at all for these people to sneak the child all the way onto the plane.

Shanghaiist (see here) wrote about that story which originally broke on Chinese media.

Fellow passengers on a flight from Beijing to Shanghai on Sunday morning were more than a little perturbed when their take off was delayed by several hours after a kid somehow managed to sneak on board without a ticket.

Just before taking to the skies, cabin crew aboard the Juneyao Airlines flight discovered the miniature fare-dodger during their final passenger checks. Apparently, the 4-year-old girl had managed to sneak past the security checkpoint and the boarding gate with help from her family of two adults and two more children.

Afterward, all passengers were ordered off the plane and forced to go through security again while the family was detained. The flight finally took off about five hours later than scheduled. …

Blame for the incident is being passed around on Chinese social media from the little girl’s sneaky family to incompetent airport security.

However, Juneyao Airlines released a statement earlier today which said that the family would not be charged with any wrongdoing by China’s Civil Aviation Authority. According to the statement, the little girl’s parent thought that since she was under 120 centimeters, she did not need a ticket. Of course, everyone over the age of two needs a ticket and toddlers under two still need an infant ticket to fly.

The flight authority also clarified that only about 90 minutes of the five-hour delay was the family’s fault, the rest was due to “bad weather.”

Here is an image of the offending party:

Sometimes you just wish you’ll never be on a flight like that that ends up incurring such a massive delay simply due to the idiocy of other passengers.

These parents should be charged and fined. The situation will never get better with all these incidents of passenger misconduct for China’s aviation sector unless the authorities and airlines start to roll out hard sanctions against passengers.


I find Beijing Airport has one of the most stringent security checks when it comes even to domestic departures where foreigners even require their passports to travel. Are these tight controls not being applied to Chinese citizens and everybody can just walk in? How about the boarding gate?

This doesn’t reflect in a very positive way on both the aviation security mechanism and the checks by the airline who actually boards their planes. Maybe the long delay could have been avoided if the flight took off around the originally scheduled time.