Reader Question: How To Circumvent IHG’s Overlapping Stay For Accelerate Promo Purposes? (Reader Advice Needed!)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a very interesting question by email about two overlapping stays (one award and one paid) and Accelerate-promotion.

IHG Overlapping

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You can access IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-promotion here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I would appreciate if you can advise some kind of resolution considering your great experience with IHG.

I made a reward reservation at InterContinental Cannes for a 2 nights stay from Aug 04 to Aug 06. I will not be staying as a guest. I used my reward points to book a stay for a friend of mine. I booked it by phone. As always with IHG they booked a reservation under my name and added a note.

Then I booked a paid reservation at Holiday Inn Express Mechelen City Centre for a stay from Aug 05 to Aug 07 for myself. I will be staying at this hotel, so that’s just an ordinary stay. This stay is very important for me since it will let me to complete Accelerate Summer 2017 promotion.

Based on my experience with IHG Rewards Club I’m afraid the stay at InterContinental would post on my account first (as a qualifying reward stay). Then a stay at Holiday Inn Express will post as an overlapping non qualifying stay with no points, hence it won’t count for the Accelerate promotion. Is there a workaround?

This is a very interesting question and the reader is right. The award stay at the InterContinental Cannes is 99% certainty going to post before the stay at the HIX. Usually this wouldn’t be an issue if not for the Accelerate-promotion.

I would say that the only way around would be to somehow to remove the IHG Rewards Club account number from the reservation at the InterContinental Cannes. I am not even sure if this is possible?

The stay at the Holiday Inn Express should post as overlapping with one qualifying night (the one night that is not overlapping with the award stay). I am not 100% sure how the points will post for the overlapping paid stay.


This is quite technical question about the ins and outs of the IHG Rewards Club and the current Accelerate-promotion.

The reader may get points for both two nights that he will pay at the HIX but will only earn one qualifying night (and the stay will post as overlapping but with a note that 1 night is qualifying).

I would like to hear from readers what do you think that the reader should do to ensure that the Holiday Inn Express stay posts before the InterContinental Cannes?