Avianca & Delta End Caracas (Venezuela) Flights


Both Avianca and Delta Air Lines yesterday announced that they would follow other airlines and discontinue their services to Caracas (Venezuela).


Avianca will end its daily services between Caracas and Bogota/Lima on August 16 and Delta will end its once weekly Atlanta – Caracas service on September 16.

Below you can find an excerpt from Bloomberg (access the entire piece here):

Avianca will stop its twice-daily flights between Caracas and Bogota as well as an almost daily flight to Lima on Aug. 16, the company said in a statement.

Venezuelans will now find it even harder to travel abroad, with the country practically cut off from the rest of Latin America on major carriers except for flights to Panama City operated by Copa Holdings SA. Outside of Latin America, American Airlines still flies from Caracas to Miami, while Air France, Iberia and Air Europa continue to service European destinations.


Airlines have billions of dollars funds from ticket sales trapped in Venezuela that they have not been able to repatriate (and never will – better write off those receivables to zero).

The country is in chaos and airlines have slowly cut off their services. United, LATAM, Aeromexico and Lufthansa have all ended their flights to Caracas in the past year.

I have been planning to visit Venezuela (the only county beside the Guyanas + Suriname) that I have not been in South America, but all Venezuelans that I know have strongly advised not to go before situation in the country calms down.