Handle With Care: At United Airlines Even Your Baggage Can Fly – Right Onto The Tarmac!


Poor United Airlines can’t catch a break from bad PR as yet another negative story surfaced where a passenger took a video of Bags being thrown out of a plane onto the tarmac.

The same video shows a conveyor belt also dumping bags onto the ground because it’s not aligned with a baggage cart and no ramp staff is available to move the baggage.

Imagine you look out of the window after arriving at your destination and you see baggage fly by.

Or even worse: You think you identified your own bag a few weeks later in a viral video after receiving it trashed from the airline of your choice a few weeks earlier.

This is what happened to UNITED passengers and participants of a current Reddit Thread (see here) who have a hell of a time sticking it to United.

Here is the video (very brief clip) that was uploaded:

Especially funny is the United Airlines Mercedes in the background to underline which airline this is all about, a special endorsement so to speak.

The associated commentary on Reddit is hilarious.


I think the last comment sums it up properly. United is now under a magnifying glass for all things that can and in fact do go wrong in terms of operations and customer service.

The company (and by that i mean many of the front line employees) isn’t doing very well in damage control when it comes to properly doing their jobs without irritating the customers even more.

A reader of the Reddit came forward that he thought he identified his own bag which looks exactly alike and which he also received from United totally trashed. However after comparing flight dates with the original poster of the video he came back and said dates did not align with his.

Of course needless to say it only takes one bad situation (one bad apple in the basket so to speak) to negate the good work of hundreds of other employees that day, especially when a case hits the media.


United has a very long streak of bad luck at the moment that are getting in so many unfortunate situations. I don’t think other airlines treat baggage or passengers the slightest bit better by the way but maybe not that many people are going on their journey eyes open and camera ready with the mindset ‘What will go wrong this time?’.