Reader Question: Hilton Be My Guest-Certificate For Hampton Inn Stay?

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a email regarding how to use Hilton Be My Guest-certificate that is valid for use at Hampton Inns when only prepaid rooms are available.

Reader Question Hilton Be My Guest-Certificate For Hampton Inn

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have read your blog and appreciate your information. I recently received two BMG Certificates for issues at a Hampton Inn. I have an upcoming event that would be perfect to stay at a Hampton Inn that is really high priced ($550 per night). The issue is that the only rooms you can book are pre-pay/non-cancellation rooms. The event is not for another couple of months.

I noticed on your advice regarding the certificates you suggested booking a non-prepaid rate and simply giving the cert at the end of the stay. Since that is not an option here, can you comment on whether you think I can pre-pay and get refunded by presenting the cert at check-out?

Hilton’s Be My Guest-certificates are usually extended to various (rather serious) service failures at hotel level. As I have pointed previously, the easiest thing is just to book the standard room (flexible rate) on Hilton’s website and hand in the certificate(s) at the time of checking in.

The property gets reimbursed full value for the night(s) and the offending property pays for it.

These certificates can come handy when rates are throughout the rood as you usually (I have always) receive points/miles for the booked rate even when it is charged back to another hotel via Hilton.

Reader Question Hilton Be My Guest-Certificate For Hampton Inn Back

There are absolutely no small prints when it comes to use of this voucher. You just have to use it by the expiry date and book a standard room.

I would first call Hilton and see if they can book the standard room for the reader without having to prepay it (flexible rate). If that is not possible, I would book the prepaid rate and hand in the certificates at the time of checking in and check later that day that they have correctly processed them and issued refund.


You rarely see a situation where property would only have non-refundable rates available. If there is something going on, hotels usually have minimum stay requirement or you must cancel the stay week (or sometimes up to a month) before.

When you hand in a Be My Guest-certificate the property knows that some hotel Hilton affiliated hotel has really screwed up.