Presidential Suite Upgrades And Why They Aren’t Necessarily A Good Place To Stay In


Have you ever stayed at a hotel room that’s so large that you felt it’s almost uncomfortable to stay in? You might have exactly that feeling when the hotel tries to do you a favor and upgrades you to the Presidential Suite!

Presidential Suites and similar large hotel suite arrangements aren’t meant for actually staying there as a regular guest with 1-2 people but rather to accommodate a group or at least a very large family.

Hence you might find yourself a little bit out of place when staying at one of these room types as having a large conference table, a seating are that accommodates an entire entourage and a dining table that seats 14 isn’t necessarily the type of room feature that exhibits a feeling of comfort.

I’ve now gotten two such Presidential Suite upgrades in the past six months and decided to move out of both of them after staying just one night due to a variety of reasons. Shocking enough most of these were maintenance related but also the overall feeling of staying in a way too large room.

The first stay was earlier this year at the Marriott Shanghai City Center where my initial room smelled disgusting. It reeked of cigarette smoke and I refused to stay in there. The only other suite available was said Presidential Suite.

Living Room:

Bathroom with Jacuzzi Tub (Water was brown and no hot water available):

Bar and Dining Room:

The most underwhelming of the entire suite was the bedroom that was basically a large room with just a bed and a single chair in it. That was weird. After the bathroom episode when not even hot water was available for both the shower and the jacuzzi I left the hotel entirely the following morning, originally I had three nights reserved.

This week I stayed at the Grand Hyatt Bali and was offered the Presidential Suite (one of two at the property) as another guest required my Oceanview Suite with a connecting room. As I’m being treated pretty well at the Hyatt I decided to help them out and agree to move rooms. I actually like that Oceanview Suite and was perfectly happy with it – in fact I moved back to one after only one night at the Presidential.

Here are some impressions:

Living Room, Workdesk and Dining Room (behind).

Oversized Tub

Spa Treatment Room (in between Living Room and Bedroom/Bathroom)

This particular suite at the Grand Hyatt Bali isn’t actually too large or uncomfortable to stay in, it’s rather like a nice spacious apartment. My problem was that it was extremely noisy outside as it faces the private Regency Club Pool. In the morning I was woken up by loud machinery for pool cleaning at 5:40am. Also the air condition blew right onto a bed and it was impossible to shut it off and let air in from the living room as the Spa room was in between and prevented any airflow.

So the chances are to either sweat like a pig without a/c or to get sick by it blowing right onto the bed (and loud at that). I was glad the hotel was able to move me back into the original suite type the next afternoon.


While it sounds fantastic to say ‘Wow I got upgraded to the Presidential Suite’ it actually isn’t very nice to stay in most of them. They are anything but practical for a regular leisure stay based on the dimensions alone and yes, there is such a thing as ‘too big’ when it comes to hotel rooms.

There is simply no need for conference tables, huge dining tables, a monstrosity of a couch and similar oversized furniture items. To feel comfortable things should be in proportion and let’s again go back to the meaning and purpose of a presidential suite: The space is there to host a group of people or at least provide separated space for things such a security detail should there really be high profile guests in residence. None of this applies to a regular Joe who is on a business or vacation trip.

Have you stayed at a Presidential Suite before? How did you like it?