Whine Wednesdays: Unstaffed Elite Check-In Counters At Hotels (All Chains)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about something that is truly annoying: Hotels that don’t staff their check-in desk properly, especially the elite check in line.

Having a dedicated Elite Check-in and then no staff at all to attend to it just adds insult to injury compared to waiting in line like everybody else.

This matter goes like a red line through all the chains, I just happened to see it again at a Hyatt property last week. Just a week before I stayed at a Starwood hotel and had the same experience upon check-in.

I think the Elite desk should always be staffed no matter what. Associates can gladly call people over from the general line but at least whoever shows up with Elite status then doesn’t have to wait and look out for staff to be available.

How to solve this?

Usually I just wait a few minutes and see what happens (already lost time, the point of having a hotel loyalty membership is to simplify the check-in) but if it becomes apparent that there is no staff attending to me at all I approach whoever works the other customer and interrupt to ask the associate if it’s possible to call someone to attend to the Platinum/Diamond Check-In. I have (on occasion) also called the hotel and asked for the Manager on Duty.


As mentioned before there is no excuse for the hotel to not have a counter staffed that is specifically for their own loyalty customers. It’s not even for top tier only as most chains now allow pretty much any alite level to check-in at the separate desk which also becomes a problem at busy hotels where pretty much any business traveler holds at least a mid tier status.

The other alternative would be to check-in at the Club Lounge but that often requires someone to use a key card to get you to the specific floor.