Earn Up To 45,000 Free Marriott Rewards Points Per Year!


Marriott Rewards has had #MRPoints program for couple of years that has allowed members to earn up to 2,500 points every year by engaging with Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram.

Marriott Rewards #REWARDSPOINTS

The name of the program is changing to #RewardsPoints and the annual limit has been raised to 45,000 points (basically free night up to category 9 property).

You can access Marriott’s web page for this program here.

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Here are the current opportunities:

Marriott Rewards #REWARDSPOINTS Earning


Marriott shared with us that they had 73,000 members participating in this program last year and gave away 84 million points!

I think that this is a good way to top up account for reasonable level and keep those family member accounts current that haven’t had any activity for a while.