Starwood Best Rate Guarantee Changes Effective August 2, 2017

Starwood has the Gold standard when it comes to the Best Rate Guarantee programs in the hotel field.

SPG Best Rate Guarantee Update

They don’t care about the currencies, whether it is advance/best flexible and you can even file when there is no availability on Starwood’s website while third party sites continue happily selling rooms.

You can access Starwood’s page for Best Rate Guarantee program here.

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Here are the changes instituted on August 2, 2017:

– Starwood has added following addition to the rate plans that are not eligible for comparison from third party sites: Individual rate plans not offered to the general public.

– Previously Starwood used Asiaweb as an example for a website that may take some time to confirm reservation “on request” and thus be ineligible. Now this has been changed to Ctrip.

– Starwood has added the following exclusion: Pre-paid, advance purchase, or non-refundable rates on Ctrip

– And the following: Rates available on Starwood online or voice channels compared to Starwood online or voice channels (for example, comparisons to rates found on later searches on the same or different Starwood channels), including rates found on Starwood-affiliated, private label, or property standalone websites.

– You cannot transfer BRG reservation to someone else: If a claim is verified and approved by Starwood, no name changes can be made to the reservation. Reservations are non-transferable and cannot be resold. Valid government issued ID is required upon check-in that matches the name found on the verified and approved reservation.

– Starwood has added the following blurb (whatever that means): For purposes of comparing the Competing Rate and the rate available on Starwood channels, only the Competing Rate and the rate available on the Starwood channels that are each available at the time the applicable claim is processed will be considered by Starwood. Rate comparison may include third party “fees” that were inappropriately and without authorization broken out from actual hotel rates by third party sites to create an appearance of lower hotel rates.


No drastic changes here beyond the fact that they seem to have given up on trying to ensure that properties don’t dumb inventory on Ctrip and thus pretty much exclude it from the BRG program altogether.

After reading the last bullet few times I don’t quite get it what they mean comparing both the Starwood’s and third party’s available rate at the time of processing the claim? I would assume that they compare the booked rate against the rate that is available on the third party site at the time of processing the claim?

I would say that more than half of my consumes Starwood nights are from BRG that nicely add to my Starpoints balance.