Uber Customer Service Hell (All Payments Get Declined By Uber)


Over the years, I have written about Uber numerous times here on LoyaltyLobby.  For the most part, I have been a proponent of their services and how they have streamlined transportation in many previously difficult cities around the world.

Uber Customer Service Hell

The service has always been controversial. It has expanded to markets without having regulatory approvals first hoping that quick acceptance by consumers would eventually lead to clearance by authorities as well.

Uber Customer Service Hell Declined

I suddenly started to have problems with the service in Taipei a few weeks back. The service would claim that all the credit cards that I have on file with Uber are not valid for putting charges through.

Uber Reply 1

When I contacted Uber via the app, their reply is that the reason actually is that their system had detected that I could have multiple accounts and I would need to decide what I would be using going forward. I may have had a different account when Uber initially started years ago, but I have not used that one for years.

Uber Reply 2

I was then able to use the account for a week after the issue resurfaced again. Uber then claimed that the bank was not willing to accept charges from Uber. Then I decided to delete all the cards that I had on file with Uber, delete the app and reinstall it.

Uber Customer Service Hell Five Cards

I tried to add three different Visa cards, one MasterCard and one Amex to the app and all were declined. This was after the Uber claimed that they had made “necessary changes” to the account.

Uber Reply 3

The most recent message states that I should delete and reinstall the app.

Uber Reply 4

Their latest DM on Twitter:

Uber Twitter Message

Utter nonsense!


It seems Uber has some kind of glitch affecting my account that prevents credit cards being added and charges going through. I have not had any declined payments or rides that would have been charged back.

Uber AG

It is really unfortunate that Uber’s customer service appears to be just a huge blackhole. I opened a consumed complaint with the Attorney General of California against the company. I hope that the file ends up on someone’s desk that can actually resolve it.

The easiest thing probably would have been to just open a new Uber account and start using it. This is utterly ridiculous.