UPDATE: China Southern SkyPearl Elite Status Match Promotion For SkyTeam Elite Plus Status Until February 2019 (Denials Coming?)


China Southern launched a public status match program back in early July (read more here) that the airline published on its Facebook page trying to win business from competing carriers in the North American market.

China Southern Match

China Southern promised to match status even from other SkyTeam member airlines that would be valid through February 2019. The match was soon removed and unauthorized distribution blamed (read more here).

Here’s the flyer that China Southern had put up on their Facebook page (now removed):

China Southern Match

Here’s the reply from China Southern that we had on previous piece

“Thank you for reaching China Southern Airlines North America Regional Marketing Department, we will reply to you in 3-5 business days.

Special Note:

The “Elite Member Matches” project is specifically sent to members who have been pre-qualified. It s not a public program. We noticed many irresponsible distribution and malicious reproduction of the project, as well as too much forged, altered application materials, China Southern Airlines North America will suspend the application of non-invited members.

If you are informed by our account manager, please include the name of the invitee or CC your account manager.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Southern China North America Marketing Department”

And here’s my comment:

This reply is utter nonsense. The airline itself published the status match on their Facebook page. Is that what they call “irresponsible distribution”? This was not sen to “pre-qualified” members but published (again – keep repeating myself) on their Facebook page.

As this offer was intended for the North American audience, those members that applied for the match and were qualified per the published flyer should open a complaint with the DOT (access here) if their application is rejected.

And here’s what a reader forwarded us today:

Dear passenger,

Thank you for participating CSA overseas elite member status match program.

We are sorry to inform that we can’t approve your application at this time. Reasons may various:

1. Not foreign citizens or green card holders. Or Chinese passport holder has low percentage overseas departure in history.

2. High percentage of rewards mileages or none air mileages.

3. Most segments are domestic.

4. Materials without clearly Name, FFP number, validity. Or card an e-statement are not match.

5. Forged or altered application materials

Again, thanks for participating this program, we are looking forward to serve you better in the future.

CZ Marketing

尊敬的旅客您好, 感谢您参与南航海外精英会员匹配项目,我们很遗憾的通知您,您的经营会员匹配申请未能通过,原因可能为以下1或多点:

1. 非海外护照或绿卡持有人申请,或有效飞行航段大多非中国境外始发

2. 外航奖励里程或非航空里程积分比例过高

3. 国际航段比例过低

4. 申请资料不可辨识有效外航会员卡号、姓名、有效期

5. 申请资料有明显涂改痕迹 再次感谢您的参与。 南航北美


The reader has status with Qatar Airways and had sent a statement with several return flights between UK and China (Beijing/Shanghai).

It would be interesting to hear if other readers have heard anything back from China Southern yet regarding their matches?