Reader Question: Maintaining Royal Ambassador Status For 2018? Requalification Criteria?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question by email about the InterContinental Royal Ambassador requalification criteria for 2018.

Reader Question Maintaining Royal Ambassador Status For 2018 Requalification Criteria

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m very concerned about maintaining my RA status for the next year.

What do you think is the minimum number of qualifying nights to stay in order to get the chance to hit this goal?

I’ve stayed at 6 IC hotels in US and Europe.

29 rolled over nights and will have about 75 IC paid nights by December 2017.

Let me know what you think about that

How much is your spend at IC hotels?

Hard to say…

In US it’s about $450a night. Total of 8  nights the rest is about $150 a night in EU.

I called the IHG executive office and they told me that at least 70 qualifying nights will get me to the point where I could have the chance.

Does it make sense?

IHG Rewards Club and Ambassador program used to have (see the past tense) very clear rules for Royal Ambassador qualification but these were all changed last year.

Now, you need roughly $10,000+ in InterContinental spend and certain number of InterContinental nights (exact number is not clear) and perhaps still minimum three different InterContinental hotels.

The rollover nights are completely irrelevant. The total InterContinental nights are almost irrelevant too if you overall InterContinental spend is high enough.

8 X $450 = $3,600

67 X $150 = $10,050

That is close to $14K in spend.


I believe that IHG Rewards Club and Ambassador program would do better if they clearly communicate the Royal Ambassador qualification criteria. Right now it is “secret formula” that is based on number of nights and $$$$$.

The reader should qualify on the $14K amount as long as the tax component is not baked in to these figures (not based points eligible).