Whine Wednesdays: Email Spam From Hyatt Hotels After Completing Booking As A Non Member


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about a new tactic of Hyatt to spam customers with advertising emails who book one of their hotels through the Hyatt website, despite de-selecting enrollments.

While many hotels nowadays send out ‘complete your booking’ emails when someone searched but didn’t end up booking the hotel, Hyatt actually enrolls people in a mailer without consent of the customer.

After completing the booking as a random customer the emails start coming and not only that, Hyatt even sends out a ‘Welcome Email’ for their unsolicited spam.

What exactly happened?

Last week I booked a hotel room for my friend to stay one night at a Grand Hyatt in Asia. The booking was completed over the website and she didn’t want to sign up for World of Hyatt so I simply made the booking without entering any membership number and also de-selecting the option to automatically enroll the customer in the program. So far so good.

Since making the booking there were at least two emails advertising Hyatt offers for properties in the U.S. which makes zero sense to begin with considering my friends address is in China (as per the booking).

This was the email that came in short after making the initial booking:

It had the following footnote:

We have sent you this email because we have your email address, [deleted], designated to receive promotions and special offers. We value your privacy and will only use your information in accordance with our Global Privacy policy for Guests available at privacy.Hyatt.com. To manage your email subscriptions or to opt-out of receiving email marketing from us you may: 1. Manage your subscriptions online or 2. Write to: Hyatt Customer Service, 9805 Q Street, Omaha, NE 68127.

I then had to go ahead in order to unsubscribe from all email options pre-selected by Hyatt.

I also let them know in an email to consumer affairs what I think of this unsolicited advertisement.


I think all this email spam is going to far now. I can see the point if someone is a member of their loyalty program but when I made the booking I specifically clicked away from signing her up, yet still Hyatt bombards the customer with emails and one has to actively unsubscribe from them.

The emails to ‘complete’ my booking which are sent by numerous hotel chains and OTA’s are also a major pain. I don’t need a reminder that I was looking at a hotel on whatever providers website so they can flood my email inbox. I like to compare prices on different websites to see if there is any large price difference or maybe an opportunity for a price match. Imagine if all these are sending out these reminders.

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