Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus Changes Effective November 1, 2017

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Bangkok Airways, airline that calls itself “boutique” and owns the Koh Samui airport in popular holiday island, is revamping its FlyerBonus frequent flier program effective November 1, 2017.

Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus Program Changes Effective November 1 2017

It is becoming more resembling mileage based one from the current credit one and members will see their balances multiplied by 50 when the change happen.

You can access Bangkok Airways page for the changes here.


Bangkok Airways codeshares its flights with many airlines serving Bangkok. It funny to count the number of partners some of its flights to/from Bangkok have. Just unbelievable. Must be their bread and butter business.

It is difficult to buy their flights unless flying to/from Koh Samui where their basically have monopoly due to owning the airport. The prices just aren’t competitive and I usually prefer staying with one of the alliance airlines.