Le Meridien MALIN+GOETZ Bathroom Amenities Full Of Air!


Couple of weeks ago, I was staying at the Le Meridien Bangkok (yet again) when I came across their new line of bathroom amenities called MALIN+GOETZ and the tubes seemed to be super sized.

Le Meridien Bangkok Air

Well. I was very surprised when squeezing the stuff out and hardly anything came. I inspected them all and turned out that there were mainly air!

Extra air squeezed out of the bottle:

Le Meridien Bangkok Air

Le Meridien versus Hilton:

Le Meridien Versus Hilton

The Hilton product on the right actually had more stuff inside.

Le Meridien versus Hilton side view:

Le Meridien No Air Side

You can see how much air there is inside these Le Meridien products.

Smaller MALIN+GOETZ without air:

Le Meridien No Air

Seems that some Le Meridien hotels still have old stock without unnecessary air pumped in (purely for illusion).


It is pretty sad that Starwood needs to (some could say “scam”) mislead guests believing that they have full size bathroom amenities when they don’t.

Also, these are obviously not real MALIN+GOETZ but some cheap crap made in China and distributed by Sysco under license from the brand owner. .

It would be more environmentally friendly to not have the unnecessary air and thus save in packaging and transportation costs. Just an idea…..