U.S. Based American Express Cardmembers Should Monitor Their Promotional Offers To Save On Travel Partner Transactions

American Express is known for offering special deals to their cardholders when it comes to various travel options but we want to remind U.S. based customers that they might be in for even bigger savings.

Your AmEx online account has a special section with promotional offers that customers can simple ‘add’ to their account and will then receive a substantial refund on their purchase with the respective partner.

I usually scroll through these offers on a monthly basis for both my American Express Charge Card and the SPG AmEx credit card, both of which usually have different offers.

For an upcoming trip to Las Vegas I remembered that my offer for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card was a refund of $50 for a minimum $250 spend at MGM Hotels & Resorts.

As I’m still MGM Noir and like to stay at the Mirage I decided to go for it and book a 3 night stay there again. Remember that MGM stays also count towards your Hyatt status!

You can find the selection of your ‘Amex Offers & Benefits’ in your online account when you scroll towards the bottom.

There will be an entire list of offers, many travel related in the one or other way. I added a range of them to my Premier Rewards Gold account:

One of these offers was for MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. Due to my MLife and Hyatt Elite memberships this would have been my preferred chain to stay at regardless of this offer but with the extra $50 sweetener from Amex the decision to stay there was even easier.

Other travel related offers I currently have in my account are for Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Air BnB, Marriott and Omni Hotels just to name a few. As I said I usually look through this list 1-2 times a month if I have the chance.

The bonus usually shows up on the account statement a couple days after the transaction posted. Keep in mind though that many of these offers only include transactions with the companies U.S. partners or at least point of sale U.S. so the fine print for each offer should be read carefully.


This is a good way to squeeze something extra out of your card membership with Amex which (depending on your card type) can cost several hundred dollars per year that can be recovered by knowing your benefits the card offers and try to use at least the majority of them.

Apart from the welcome bonus of 50,000 Membership Rewards points I have already received more than $300 in savings and credits from the Premier Rewards Gold Card which is free during the first year.

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