Reader Question: SPG Platinum Challenge & Extending Status Beyond February 2019?

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A LoyaltyLobby left me a question regarding extending the SPG Platinum status past February 2019 that was achieved using the SPG Platinum challenge (read more here).

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Here’s the question from the reader:

I have a question about the SPG Platinum Challenge and Platinum status. I earned my SPG Platinum status through the Platinum Challenge and got my status till Feb 2019. I also have 22 stays till now and am on my way to finish another 3-4 stays throughout this year.

My question is that if i finish my 25 stays this year, will my SPG Platinum status be extended to another year or rest of 2019?

No one from SPG is giving me a clear answer. Could you please help me understand or clarify my doubt.

Because if my status wont be extended, i would stay at other Marriott properties than SPG in Hanoi Vietnam as their hotel is very old. Please help me out.

No. Your status won’t be extended beyond February 2019 regardless how many stays/nights you consume between now and the end of the year.

You can choose to stay at other property than the Sheraton in Westlake in Hanoi (stayed there few years back). Have not stayed at Marriott properties in the city.


Reader can take advantage of his/her SPG Platinum status at Marriott properties too due to the linking of the accounts and status transfer option between SPG/Marriott Rewards.

It is unfortunate that even the SPG Platinum customer service is not what it used to be. I have one terrible example coming up on Thursday this week.