Qatar Airways Holds Pilot Recruiting Event In Berlin In Attempt To ‘Scalp’ Air Berlin Pilots

Qatar Airways was quick to pick up on the opportunity Air Berlin’s insolvency provides and announced a recruiting event in Berlin for airline pilots who might be looking for a new employer.

Of course this isn’t a coincidence but a calculated (and well thought out) step to go after talent that is possibly seeking now job opportunities.

You can access the advertisement for this even on Qatar Airways Facebook page (see here).

Qatar Airways clearly didn’t lose much (if any) time to jump on the opportunity to headhunt pilots that might bo looking for a new employer either because they are directly affected by the Air Berlin insolvency and the uncertain future of the carrier or generally pilots who are open to a new job.


Qatar Airways headhunting/scalping strategy aside I’m sure the pilots will easily find a new employer be it in Europe or the Middle East. There are however many more people attached to Air Berlin as a company whose future is all but certain should the stricken airline go under completely.

As mentioned before in my initial article about the whole Air Berlin insolvency, the bridge loan provided by the German government will only last a few months, maybe even just a few weeks. Hopefully the Air Berlin employees will find a secure employment once this mess comes to an end.