Norwegian’s European Flights Cheaper On Expedia Than Their Own Website?

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Every year, I find myself flying on Norwegian couple of times when they provide the best direct flight option between the city pairs that I need at the right price.

Norwedian Expedia ORY-HEL

Today, I purchased Norwegian’s flight from Paris to Helsinki and, as has always been the case, the price was lower on Expedia than buying directly from the airline if you need to check a bag and choose a seat.

You can access Expedia here.

Expedia search:

Expdia ORY-HEL Norwegian Flights

Expedia presents the flight both under Norwegian Air Shuttle and Norwegian Air International. Always choose the Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Expdia ORY-HEL

The price info shows that two bags are included but no indications that the seat selection too is in fact free when purchased through Expedia.

Norwegian search:

Expdia ORY-HEL Norwegian U

The same combo on Norwegian’s own website is more than 10% higher.

Norwegian receipt:

Norwegian Expedia Receipt

When you make a purchase on Expedia, Norwegian emails you a receipt after they have processed the payment. This purchase was for different flight than the example above.

The receipt clearly spells out that the bags and seat selection both are included on this “Expedia Package” fare.

You can plug in the PNR and your last name on Norwegian website and choose the seat for free. This is what I did (chose the exit row one obviously).


If you don’t need to check a bag or choose a seat, you can save and make the booking directly with the Norwegian. It is just bit weird that they give a discount to those booking via Expedia, although don’t mind it at all.

They don’t mention the free seat selection anywhere during the booking process and only on the receipt that the Norwegian emails after the purchase has been processed.

So, if you are going to take a flight on Norwegian around in Europe, check the Expedia’s price too. You can perhaps save few bucks.