Reader Question: Safe To Postpone For Qualifying Lifetime SPG Gold To 2018?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question regarding the lifetime SPG Gold status and when to qualify for it now that the program is going away.

Reader Question SPG Gold Lifetime

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You can access SPG’s page for lifetime Gold and Platinum status requirements here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am currently SPG Platinum member. By the end of this year, I will be 19 days short of becoming SPG Gold for life.

Given the uncertainty between the merger of Marriott and SPG, should I chase those missing nights and become SPG Gold for life by the end of this year before the requirements could change? Is it safe to postpone those 19 nights for early next year?

In other words, do you advise becoming SPG Gold for life this year since we don’t know what the future will bring or am I being paranoid? All my travels are private (no business is paying for my hotel nights) and 19 extra nights is quite hefty in the pocket.

The SPG program certainly isn’t going away from the beginning of 2018. We would have leanred about it by now. It looks likely now that the program merger is delayed until 2019.

SPG Gold maps to Marriott Rewards Gold. When I had a call with SPG and Marriott folks at the time of the merger, they assured that the lifetime status would be honored.

I would complete the 19 nights in 2018.


Marriott Rewards leadership has been quiet about the state of the SPG program merger. The CEO stated that it has been delayed that probably wasn’t surprise for anyone. Better to ensure that it goes smoothly than to anger SPG members.

Although the SPG lifetime Gold and Platinum requirements are somewhat lower than Marriott ones, I do expect them to be honored once the programs are merged.