Award Success: Redeeming Hertz Loyalty Points For A One Week Car Rental In Germany


Today our series award success is about a redemption of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points for a one week car rental in Germany that would otherwise have been quite expensive.

Not all rental car loyalty programs have the options of collecting their own rewards but for those that do it can make sense to forego earning airline miles and instead opting for their own currency.

Everybody who rents cars every now and then knows that it can be tricky and prices go up at times without any apparent reason. In such situations it comes in handy if you have free car rental credits at your disposal to redeem during peak periods.

When I searched for the rental during the specific period in September it came up as this:

I wasn’t really willing to spend 315 Euro for a 1 week rental at Hertz (competitors were even more expensive) so I remembered to check how many Hertz points were left in my Gold Rewards / Presidents Circle account. I found that it was almost 4,000 points.

Checking quickly I found that one week of a midsize car as shown above requires the redemption of 2,800 Gold Rewards points.

I decided to go for it and place the reservation at this rate. Keep in mind te customer is always required to pay taxes on the reservation, even if paid fully with points. This can vary by location so you should check for that.

I was surprised that this time around it was this low, only 22 Euro total. I remember the last time I used points at Frankfurt Airport it was almost 70 Euro. Then again, Hertz website doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to begin with especially when it comes to quotes.

If you should collect rental car loyalty points or airline miles depends very much on the type of promotions that are out there. Every now and then there are literally crazy promotions of 5000 airline miles per car rental and obviously such as offer is too good to be true to pass on, especially with short term rentals. With Hertz, the amount of points you earn depends on the price of the rental so for higher priced car rentals you might want to consider actually switching your earning preference to Gold Rewards Points.


Hertz Rewards points as well as free rental car credits of other agencies such as Europcar or National can save you a good amount of money during peak periods. Especially in tourist areas or locations with high demands (such as cruise ship season in Vancouver) the rates for rental cars can soar.

I just hope my experience with the rental process will be better than the last time around at Duesseldorf Airport but at least I was able to almost clear out my points balance with this trip.