Whine Wednesdays: Feet On The Couch Upholstery While Visiting The Airport Lounge


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about travelers who can’t help themselves but to put their dirty feet and sometimes even shoes on the lounge chairs or couches where others are going to sit after them.

Pictured above are two classy Bali travelers who got comfortable while visiting the Premier Lounge at Denpasar Airport last month.

Why is it that people can’t have basic manners and just stop placing their feet on surfaces where other travelers are going to be sitting short after?

This isn’t just a problem at this particular lounge but you see it all over the place including at hotel lounges and other public spaces.

I could ‘maybe’ oversee if someone wears socks but even then, given that you usually walk around the airport security checkpoint without shoes ( definitely the case in Bali ) and some folks even barefoot this just rubs me the wrong way.

Numerous times I’ve also seen air travelers going inside the airplane bathroom in socks or (yuck) barefoot as well.

Airports and airplanes are a paradise for germs and bacteria of all sorts. I’m not a Germophobe who runs around with hand sanitizer wherever he goes but basic rules should apply and people rubbing their filth into the upholstery goes to far for me.


After asking these two French travelers to take their feet from the couch they even got snotty and thought there was nothing wrong with it. What followed was a little bit of a word dispute not suitable for publishing it here but let’s just say they weren’t very happy (neither was I to begin with).

I sometimes wonder how such people live at their own home!? 2 weeks ago there was a German guy who cut his nails in Business Class. Without words…