Vueling Punto Changes To Vueling Club And Migrates To Avios Platform In 2017

Vueling, Spanish low coast airline part of IAG that has been expanding outside of its Barcelona base, is changing the name of its loyalty program from Punto to Vueling Club and migrating to the common use Avios platform.

Vueling Club

Vueling Club members need to have separate Avios account to store their loyalty currency. Existing points balances will be migrating to Avios. Members are able to combine Iberia, British Airways, Avios (UK shopping scheme) and now Vueling Avios.

You can access Vueling here.

Here’s the conversion ratio:

Vueling Club Points To Avios

Collecting Avios in Vueling:

Vueling Club Collecting Avios


I have flown Vueling few times and have another flight coming up in September. I have, however, credited these flights to Iberia Plus (high enough fare class), as I have not flown enough with this airline to collect any meaningful number of their “Punto” to do anything with it.

IAG’s long term plan must be to migrate all their airlines to this common use Avios platform. You can now move Avios between these various programs using this Avios shopping scheme account that has had some account address restriction in the past (must have been UK or South Africa). They must have lifted it now because Vueling Punto members are eligible to sign up as well.

This Punto-name (point basically) probably made sense when they marketed the airline mainly for the Spanish speaking audience. It doesn’t have the same cache outside of this specific market.