Delta Airlines Medallion Official Status Match Challenge For Elite Members Of Other Frequent Flier Programs


Elite members of competing frequent flyer programs (including possibly those of Air Berlin Topbonus) have the chance of matching their status to a comparable Delta SkyMiles level through an official campaign.

In order to keep the matched Status active members are required to complete a specific flight activity with Delta in order to extend their SkyMiles status beyond the trial period.

It’s rather rare to have an opportunity to match into a Skyteam program and after the disastrous China Southern campaign last month many readers have emailed us and asked for an alternative way to obtain SkyTeam status.

You can access Delta SkyMiles official website with the status match program here.

Delta offers to match competing status levels all the way up to Platinum (their top tier Diamond level is not being matched). The customer then has 3 months to complete the flight activity outlined.

There is a comprehensive list of which airlines are especially invited to participate in the status match campaign but it also says that non-listed airlines are welcome to apply which would also include Air Berlin Topbonus (and actually there is a Delta flight to Berlin as I’ve seen at Tegel airport yesterday).

It’s good when airlines offer such a comprehensive list though I can imagine you could always request to be matched to a lower level (Gold instead of Platinum) in case you think that the flight requirements to extend the Platinum Status are too high for your upcoming travel within 3 months.

Naturally there are some basic conditions to participate in this.

You are eligible to participate in our Status Match Challenge if you meet ALL of the following critieria:

  • You have not received a Status Match or complimentary Medallion Status in the past three years
  • You are not currently a Medallion Member
  • You currently have elite status with a qualifying airline
  • You are able to present both a valid, current elite credential and a statement showing your earned elite status

This is relatively simple and straight forward process. If you maintain all the criteria outlined you can utilize the web form (access here) and submit your credentials.

It’s a good time to enroll at this time of the year for a challenge, especially if you plan to actually fulfill the criteria. Why? Because If you apply after July 1st the status is actually valid for 1.5 years!

Extend your Status
Enjoying your complimentary Medallion Status? Extend it by earning the required amount of Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) or Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) during the 3 month complimentary period.

If you enrolled in the challenge between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 and you complete the flight requirements, your Medallion Status will be extended through January 31, 2018.

If you enroll in the challenge on or after July 1, 2017 and you complete the flight requirements, your Medallion Status will be extended through January 31, 2019.

That’s very generous and in line with other programs of similar nature such as the American Airlines challenges. I will write about those in the coming weeks.

This is required in order to extend your status under the Delta Medallion Challenge:

If you have long haul flights it’s not too difficult to achieve the 18,750 MQM within 3 months. In fact even 4 transcon return flights from Los Angeles to New York would the job.

You can access the specific Medallion benefits of each status level here.

Delta has some decent benefits and the SkyTeam Elite / Elite Plus status will get you preferential treatment on other SkyTeam airlines as well. Keep in mind though that lounge access on domestic routes is not included with the elite membership as very common with U.S. based carriers who sell memberships to their clubs separate (or give them away to their top tiers as part of a threshold incentive).


Delta and the other U.S. carriers have this active matching campaign going on for years with the exception that Delta and United do it for free while American actually charges a fee.

The condition that there is a block period of 3 years between status matches / challenges prevents back-to-back participation in this promotion (at least with the same account).