Qatar Airways Status Extensions In The Middle East

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Qatar Airways frequent fliers in the Middle East have received status extensions recently due to the blockage that has prevented many using the airline to/from their usual destinations.

Qatar Airways Status Extensions

A LoyaltyLobby reader from Doha forwarded me an email that she and her husband both had received from Qatar Airways extending their Gold status for another 12 months.

You can access Qatar Airways here.

Here’s the email:

Qatar Airways Status Extensions Email

The reader noted that the Gold status is really useful due to being able to use the Al Maha Meet & Greet services free of charge that come handy when the airport is busy. You can just sit down and sip Coke when someone is taking care of the immigration and other formalities for you.


Qatar Airways has been extending these statuses for others as well and it makes sense. Many frequent fliers in the region are not currently able to use the airline due to the (stupid) blockage that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

BTW Qatar Airways fares out from Doha are NOT cheap. As is always the case with most direct flights, you do pay a premium.