Compensation Clinic: Total Fail From Beginning To End At Holiday Inn Bangkok, Sukhumvit 22 (Guest Walked Away)


Our weekly edition of the Compensation Clinic makes a stop in Bangkok, Thailand where a stay at one of the Holiday Inn properties didn’t turn out to be very impressive to say the least.

The guest ended up walking away to stay at another property after multiple issues during & immediately after the check-in which shows sometimes it’s the best to throw the towel early on.

You can access Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit 22 website here.

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While not a real ‘compensation’ case I found it’s important to outline once more that in certain situations it’s the best to just walk from a hotel reservation and have the property refund whatever might have been paid in advance.

Here the experience of the guest (our reader):

I arrived at the Holiday Inn Bangkok, Sukhumvit 22 after being in touch with them a day earlier in regards to arrival time and room allocation. I’m a Platinum member and was upgraded to a Junior Suite, arrival time 1pm.

Since I was running late and arrived at the hotel around 4:45pm I expected things at the check-in to go smooth and fast. Think again! It took them in total 42 minutes to complete my check-in, multiple phone calls were made during the check-in process. I demanded to know what was this all about and was told they noticed 10 minutes before the shower is broken.

That was a guaranteed lie. I was due to arrive almost 4 hours earlier and around 4:30pm they noticed the shower was broken? I demanded to speak to the General Manager who was available and I got the room within a further 15 min. No compensation was offered in any way.

After I was in my room I decided to shut off the air condition roughly an hour later and immediately the room started to fill with sewage smell. This was the final straw. I decided to leave the hotel and stay at a local SPG property. At check-out I mentioned that I expect a full refund of my prepaid reservation which showed up roughly a week later on my AmEx account.

Let me summarize: Avoid this dump! IHG has many nice properties in Bangkokm there is zero reason to stay with the amateurs at Sukhumvit 22.

It’s indeed very hard for hotels to recover if the arrival experience has been a total failure and the guest wasn’t treated adequately even after the General Manager got involved. You can’t stay at a Bangkok hotel room without aircon for very long but sewage smell is a total no go for me as well.


The guest did the right thing to cut his stay short and walk away. Such properties do not deserve further business until they improve their performance. Guests are often being lied to at the front desk and sometimes I think the people working there has no clue that a seasoned traveler will see through that very fast.

I would have recommended to not only ask for a refund but also 20,000 IHG points compensation for the inconvenience. In fact I suggested to involve IHG Platinum Ambassador Customer Service to escalate the matter.