Airport Transfer Options: Taxi, UBER, MyDriver Or Even Supershuttle… What’s The Best Choice?


There are many ways of how to organize your airport transfer and not always is one choice the only suitable option so which way offers the best value for money and reliability?

I’ve used pretty much every available way to utilize airport transfers over the years and while often public transport isn’t the most convenient choice it’s almost the most cost effective.

However a wide range of promotional offers make actual car transfers very affordable especially for new member signups.

Straight away we can say that as far as getting to/from the airport is concerned the old fashioned taxi is almost always the most expensive option (I’m not counting car transfers booked via the hotel here which are usually priced outrageous).

Cities that don’t require very large distances between the city center and airport however can mean it’s still relatively affordable to use the taxi (such as Berlin) while others (Munich, New York, Tokyo) have very high prices and it’s not recommended to use a cab.

As I was just in Berlin here are some numbers as comparison to move between Tegel TXL Airport and the city center:

  • Taxi: 25-30 EUR
  • Public Transportation (Bus): 2.80 EUR
  • MyDriver: 31.95 EUR (minus promotional vouchers)
  • Blacklane: 39.00 EUR (minus promotional vouchers)
  • Uber: Not Available (banned in most German cities)

This time I stayed at the Lindner Hotel which is located in the same area as the Swissotel, Kempinski Bristol and Intercontinental, right on Kurfuerstendamm and next to train station Zoologischer Garten (which is where the TXL Bus conveniently stops). The prices are all based on that origin/destination.

On my arrival day I just took the bus simply because I had a day pass for public transport anyway as I planned to move throughout town the entire day to get some things done. For my way back to the airport I decided to try MyDriver as I had to leave the hotel at 5:15 am and wasn’t in the mood to go down to the bus stop and ride it in the morning.

I booked an Economy Car but the transfer ended up being with a Mercedes S Class which would otherwise have been classified as ‘First Class’ for roughly 12 EUR more.

Standalone without the promotional coupon for new customers (md15 – good for 15 EUR) I probably wouldn’t have booked the myDriver option because a taxi is slightly, though not much cheaper. But this way you can confirm it in advance and the car is usually a nice limousine as in this case. What I did’t like was: The driver was 5 minutes late and reacted with an attitude after I called him at 5:19am. Not the best way to start the day and a complaint about this followed to myDriver.

In the end myDriver for 16,94 EUR ended up as the cheapest and most convenient option that day.

In the U.S. I have also used Supershuttle at times which is cheap but can be a bit annoying as it’s a huge waste of time depending on where they pick up/drop off other people and how many of them. But considering public transport isn’t really big in the U.S. SuperShuttle is the next best thing at many airports to save a few bucks and understandably some people are on a budget.

In Vancouver for example you just can’t beat the Canada Line train from the airport to the city center especially if that’s where you’re staying (and most hotels are located in walking distance of a Canada Line Stop). The cost is just a few bucks (more expensive leaving FROM the airport due to an exit fee).

I also like to use UBER but unfortunately it’s not available in all markets and where it is I’ve gotten stung by surge pricing which can make the entire trip a waste of money and even a cab would be cheaper. Always compare and don’t fall for surge pricing!


It really depends on the situation, city and possible promotions available at the time when you like to ride. For ad hoc rides Uber and the good old cab are just the way to go. If you already know you have to leave the hotel at a certain time in order to catch a flight then nothing speaks against using MyDriver or BlackLane (haven’t seen any decent BL promotion codes recently but I used them in Vienna and it was a decent service + very low priced).