Reader Question: SAS Checked Luggage Allowance For Star Golds On SAS GO Light-Fares?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email today about Star Alliance Gold member checked luggage allowance on SAS fares that don’t include any.

SAS Luggage Allowance

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am hoping that you can answer a query.

As a KrisFlyer gold member, I am entitled to an extra 20 kilos luggage or one extra piece depending on the destination on any Star Alliance carrier.

I am about to book a return flight from London to Oslo on Star Alliance member SAS and the cheapest economy class fare allows carry-on luggage only.

My question is, can I avail myself of this fare and use my gold status to check in a bag of up to 20 kg or does this benefit only apply if my fare class already allows for check-in luggage?

Here’s what the SAS’ web page says:

SAS Luggage Allowance WEB

This is understandably confusing because there are airlines such as TAP, Lufthansa Group and Air New Zealand that sell discounted fares that don’t include a single bag and where Star Gold extra luggage allowance doesn’t apply. Their logic is that because there is no allowance in the first place there cannot be extra either.

This doesn’t apply for SAS, however. Star Alliance Gold members can check in a bag. I believe that the weight allowance is 23 kilos. If you check in using a kiosk, you may have to go to the actual check in desk for the luggage tag depending on the station.

I am taking couple of SAS flights next week of which one is operated for SAS by FlyBe. These are in “Light”. I fully expect to be able to check in my Black 22 without any issues.


Checked luggage allowance within Star Alliance has truly become a minefield with airlines that don’t include any even for Star Alliance Gold members. Air New Zealand started this that then spread to Lufthansa group of airlines and was most recently adopted by TAP.

Even the cheapest airfares on SAS still do include bag for Star Golds, however. Who knows for how long considering all the other service cut backs that they have instituted over the past few years.