SAS Potential Pilot Strike In September 2017

SAS pilot unions are not too happy that the airline has plans to open bases in both London and Marbella to lower costs and plan to strike after negotiation period is over perhaps starting in September 11, 2017.

SAS Pilot Strike

SAS has pilot unions in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Last year, SAS pilots did strike in Sweden while Danish and Norwegian ones continued to operate flights.

You can access piece about this potential strike on’s Website here of which below is an excerpt:

Pilots at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) haven’t been able to negotiate the airline’s controversial plans to hire and base new pilots, at lower wages and benefits, in England and Spain. They’ve thus resorted to raising old demands, like getting more weekends off, and are warning they’ll walk off the job if their demands aren’t met.

The prospect of another major pilots’ strike in Scandinavia means passengers face more severe travel disruption in September. Three unions representing SAS’ Danish and Norwegian pilots have sent out their first formal warnings of a labour conflict, after talks officially broke down late last week.

DN noted that EU regulations, meanwhile, prevent the establishment of the new bases from being part of their negotiations. The Norwegian and Danish pilots thus have resorted to raising old demands, like getting more free weekends, receiving their work schedules sooner, having more flexible shifts and more pilots on the jobs during the busy summer tourist months.


It is certainly interesting times in European aviation. Airberlin is in liquidation while Alitalia is in bankruptcy. There have been the on-going Mixed Fleet flight attendant strike affecting British Airways that seems to be coming to an end at least temporarily this week.

SAS has been in deep trouble as well, although not into the level of Alitalia/Airberlin. The pilots are not fan of these new bases but cannot strike because of them per se so they need to find other valid reasons. I hope that the airline and pilots can find a solution so that this potential strike can be averted.