“Straight Outta Compton” Actor Has Meltdown On Delta Airlines Flight After Being Downgraded To Economy Comfort Due To Being Late


An actor of the movie “Straight Outta Compton” had a rather explosive meltdown onboard a Delta Airlines flight after he showed up late for his earlier flight and was downgraded on a later one.

The actor, Jason Mitchell, tried to board the flight and upon arriving in the aircraft started to cuss out the passenger in ‘his first class seat’ as well as the crew.

The actor had cameras rolling on him, and not in the traditional Hollywood sense and captured the entire expletive filled scene which is all too common nowadays – there is simply no privacy anymore and if you cause a ruckus better expect that someone is filming you.

When I first saw this on a Facebook news feed originating from TMZ (access here) I immediately knew this is some very painful to watch stuff and I should be right.

TMZ obtained new video of the crazy scene which shows Mitchell actually sitting in the economy seat to which he got bumped. Jason was on his phone telling someone about his ordeal, and a first class passenger overheard and apparently made a comment. That’s when Jason erupted on the guy — “Am I talking to you? F**king racist!”

As a flight attendant approached, things got more intense with Jason screaming, “I’ll bat the f**k outta you! Unless you sitting next to children or anything else.”

Amazingly, he calmed down after that, took his seat and promised to be good. In the video you see him put on his headphones and chill — but when a Delta staffer announced he had to deplane so police could deal with Jason … the rage returned.

As we first reported … Delta says Mitchell had missed his original flight — for which he had a first class seat — and was flying standby. Police eventually detained him, but Delta refused to press charges.

The thing about missing First Class flights in the U.S. is that the upgrade policy of the big U.S. carriers usually means that on the day of departure the First cabin is usually filled up with complimentary elite upgrades and paid passengers who misconnect are being banned back to coach.

Seems this actor got caught up in one of these situations and wasn’t very happy about it. Of course the way it went down was totally unacceptable and Delta did the right thing to kick him off the flight based on the behavior.

Here is the video of the incident:

I can totally understand if someone is upset if free upgrades are being treated better than paid First Class tickets but there is no reason to take this up with the innocent passenger and/or starting to curse at people.


I really can’t say but this kind of DYKWIA behavior doesn’t work very well especially as soon as you get loud, use inappropriate language and cause a scene. The only thing this will accomplish is getting you kicked off the plane.

While the acting out is definitely not acceptable, his beef does carry some legitimacy if indeed his first class seat was paid.  It seems the whole US airline industry needs to re-examine it’s bumping policies and respect a form of “passenger’s rights”, instead of chasing a few extra dollars.

At least the actor was (somewhat) apologetic to the passengers in the end (and not so much the crew), which goes to speak more than some childish customer outbursts both on aircraft and at hotels that LL staff has seen over the years.

NOTE:  Edited by staff.