Whine Wednesday: Open Diaper Change In Qatar Airways Business Class Cabin


This week’s Whine Wednesday is about something that happened last week on my flight from Doha to Frankfurt in Qatar Airways Business Class: Changing a baby’s diaper in the open cabin.Every aircraft has proper facilities inside the washroom to take care of parents and babies needs which includes a table to change a child’s diaper.

However it seemed to be impossible for this passenger to be bothered going into the washroom in order to take care of her business. Instead the child was stripped naked and changed right there in seat 1E of the Airbus A350.

While the crew was certainly aware of it they didn’t immediately respond to the situation. However a few minutes later after the whole thing was over the cabin manager went to speak to the lady. As far as I’m aware it didn’t happen again during the flight.


Some passengers clearly lack common sense and a hygienic sense of duty to their fellow travelers. Just like the case I had last week about people putting their dirty feet and shoes on furniture, I can’t see how someone thinks behavior such as this is acceptable. The cabin of an aircraft isn’t your private washroom or vanity room back home. Just because it might be common practice for her to change her child’s diaper wherever she goes doesn’t mean it’s the appropriate thing to do, especially if facilities are readily available.

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