British Airways Mixed Fleet Strikes Over For Now


British Airways Mixed Fleet flight attendants ended their 10th strike period yesterday and haven’t announced any further strike dates as of today.

BA Mixed Fleet Strikes

The last four strikes each lasted for two weeks and basically covered the months of July and August other than today. British Airways was able to operate most of the flights with the help of Qatar Airways that brought in planes with crews to operate short-haul services.

Mixed Fleet was started to lower the costs for British Airways when the Worldwide long-haul crew based out of London’s Heathrow was deemed too expensive.

The Mixed Fleet flight attendants started the strike because they didn’t feel that British Airways paid them what originally was promised.


I truly hope that British Airways and Unite, trade union representing Mixed Fleet flight attendants, can negotiate agreement acceptable for both parties.

This strike has certainly lasted for way too long and British Airways has spent considerable amount of money (without admitting it obviously) chartering planes on its behalf.