Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Lifetime Platinum Kit With Map


SPG introduced lifetime Gold and Platinum statuses back in 2012 (read more here). Gold requiring 250 nights + 5 years as an elite (Gold or higher) while Platinum 500 nights + 10 years as a Platinum.

SPG Lifetime Platinum Kit

I have covered my lifetime SPG status achievements over the years first from nothing to lifetime Gold (read more here) and this spring to lifetime Platinum (read more here). It did take effort to get SPG to correctly ship the kit to my address, however.

You can access the SPG’s web page for lifetime status here.

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SPG Lifetime Platinum Kit Brands

The kit is missing two SPG brands! Tribute Portfolio and Design Hotels.

SPG Lifetime Platinum Kit 2012

The reason for this could be that they haven’t updated this since the lifetime status was launched back in the 2012!

Metal Card

SPG Lifetime Platinum Kit Card

SPG Lifetime Platinum Kit Card Back

The metal card is nice. Seems that they must have ordered large batch of these too back in 2012!

Lifetime Leaflet

Lifetime Map

SPG Lifetime Platinum Kit Map

I have covered the map already on my separate post (access here).


The card is actually quite nice. Seems that they haven’t updated the mailing for few years that is quite understandable due to low number of these going out yearly. Not sure what Marriott will be sending out for lifetime members once the programs are merged sometime in late 2018/early 2019.

The SPG & Caesars Total Rewards partnership that is advertised as NEW on that leaflet already ended on December 31, 2016! I believe that all the hotels that are mentioned are still part of SPG though.

I believe that the metal card and the map where you have stayed at are the nicest touches of this lifetime package.

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