Caution: Air Berlin Starts To Cancel Many Flights ‘For Operational Reasons’ – The Beginning Of The End?


Air Berlin has started today (Sunday) to cancel many flights due to unspecified ‘operational reasons’ as per the announcement on their website.

Air Berlin has filed for Insolvency roughly two weeks ago and since then also eliminated their frequent flier program Topbonus.

Even though the German government has provided a bridge loan of 150 million EURO rumors have it that Air Berlin will burn through this money in record time as many suppliers are requiring the airline to make advance payments for goods and services.

Here is the message Air Berlin has published on their website:

I don’t believe a word of Air Berlin’s pledge that they will pay out EC261/2004 compensation as per the law. They just continue to say they will comply with the EU Regulation because otherwise they’d likely lose their certificate to operate immediately.


This entire Air Berlin affair has been one big drama. Operational reasons can mean anything and nothing, certainly it doesn’t help to trust the airlines to continue booking with them and since this all this started we have recommended that people stop booking with them immediately.

Even though there are currently many parties interested in buying up parts of Air Berlin it should be noted again that it’s highly risky to book anything with the carrier and pay them for tickets. I’d imagine that the cancellations will become more and more in the coming days and weeks. Just stay away!

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