Pay Attention When Crediting Airberlin Flights For Partner Programs! (BA No Longer Accepts)


Airberlin filed for bankruptcy in late August (read more here) and its Topbonus program soon followed (read more here). It is likely that Airberlin will soon cease to exist and planes and crews will just move to work for other airlines.

Airberlin TXL

While you can still credit Airberlin flights to Topbonus, it doesn’t make much sense because you can no longer redeem them (the program has filed for insolvency). You can still try to credit the flights to partner programs, although BA has now ceased to accept them for credit effective September 2, 2017.

British Airways original Airberlin info:

BA AB November 15 2017

British Airways updated Airberlin info:

BA AB November 15 2017 Update


I would pay attention to other partner programs and how soon they may cease to accept Airberlin flights for credit if you are scheduled to fly on AB and need to fly to airline to credit the flights to.

British Airways still accepts flights that are operated by Airberlin but marketed by BA or any other Oneworld airline. You have to keep in mind that Oneworld airlines credit the flights by the marketing and not by the operating carrier.

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