LoyaltyLobby Hosting Switching To AWS


For the past few years, LoyaltyLobby content has been served from a dedicated server that has been sitting in a datacenter somewhere in New Jersey.

LoyaltyLobby Server Update

As the website traffic has grown and the server aged, we had to make decision whether to choose another dedicated server or move to a cloud environment. We chose the latter that allows us to deal with traffic spikes and future website growth.

We have already used Amazon’s Cloudfront as a CDN for several years and been generally happy with the service. This means that all the static content has been delivered from the Cloudfront closest to the user and not from NJ.


You may wonder why I chose to write few lines about this? Well. The switch is happening tonight. Although I expect everything to run smoothly, there will always be something that will break. We will try to fix everything by Monday.

I wish that there would be other options to Google, Facebook and AWS, but these companies really dominate the industry for now like IBM did back in the day.

Please note, the portable computer pictured above is not my current choice for writing stories on the go!