Unconfirmed Rumor: Air Berlin To Cancel All Long Haul Flights Effective 24 September 2017 (?)


According to some sources and a chat to agents at the Air Berlin elite hotline the carrier is in the stages to cease operation of all long haul flights effective 24th of September 2017.

So far this is unconfirmed information without any public announcement related to it so your feedback may vary depending on who you’re talking to at the company regarding this.

Air Berlin is currently still selling tickets to long haul destinations as if nothing major was happening but that doesn’t mean anything as they have done so all through this process without being upfront about the hardships people will face refunding or changing their tickets.

Two readers confirmed they have had a chat with an agent at the Gold / Platinum Service Hotline and were told long haul destinations ex Germany would be cancelled effective 24th of September 2017.

When I called the regular hotline to reconfirm (I don’t have any Air Berlin status) I wasn’t given that information and only told ‘without.a booking they couldn’t give me specific information about that’. What the heck is that supposed to mean??

Air Berlin is currently in the final stages of being broken up and sold to the highest bidder(s) with the following timeline:

  • 15th September: Deadline for final offers
  • 21st September: Debtors Conference
  • 25th September: Announcement of the decision who will get Air Berlin or what’s left of it.

It would therefore not surprise me at all if they stop flying altogether or only cease operation of the long haul traffic until then. People should be very careful and monitor this situation carefully.

Just last week Air Berlin announced ad hoc that they would have to cancel many flights for ‘operational reasons’ without elaborating further what that meant (I wrote about it here).


I have a strong feeling that Air Berlin isn’t honest or forthcoming in this entire process as far as consumers are concerned who put their money, time and even their holidays on the line just to be left standing in the cold in the end.

As I said previously I wouldn’t recommend to book any flights with Air Berlin anymore under the given circumstances, no matter how cheap. It’s simply unreliable.

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