Compensation Clinic: W Doha – SPG Best Rate Guarantee Mess

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This week the Compensation Clinic deals with the W Doha’s inability to process Best Rate Guarantee claim that I had filed with SPG (third party site was selling rooms for more than 30% less).

W Doha

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You can access W Doha’s website here.

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I just had a count and I have done so far 22 Best Rate Guarantee claims this year where I have chosen the 2,000 Starpoints instead of the discount (total number of stays with SPG is 52).

W Doha so far has been the only property that has not properly processed the SPG claim by the check out time.

They had no knowledge of the discounted price and were telling me that I had book fantastic rate (third party one was 30% less).

I paid the rate that I had originally booked and replied to the email that SPG had sent to me:

The property had no record of this Best Rate Guarantee claim and I paid the full price.

They were unable to locate the processed claim.

Please contact the property, ask them to refund the cash and process bonus Starpoints plus additional compensation for all this mess.

SPG replied:

I would like to offer you my sincerest apologies for you being charged full price for your reservation at our W Doha Hotel & Residences, when you had an approved Best Rate Guarantee claim.

Therefore, I have taken the liberty of forwarding your below comments and approval email to the Hotel Management on your behalf. This matter will be fully investigated and you will hear from the hotel within five days.

Hotel’s reply:

W Doha Bonus

Hotel actually never replied but processed the refund, posted the missing 2,000 Best Rate Guarantee Starpoints and additional 10,000 Starpoints for the inconvenience.


This was the hotel that I had trouble leaving a critical TripAdvisor review (read more here) and I believe that they use third party services trying to limit the number negative reviews that stick.

Sometimes hotels forget to process the Best Rate Guarantee bonus points that should always post with the stay itself. This happens fairly infrequently.

In those instances I just reply to the Best Rate Guarantee email that I have received from SPG and note it. SPG usually post the missing points by themselves or contact the property and have them to do it.

I believe that the reason why SPG itself doesn’t adjust the room rate is that they want the revenue manager at the property level to have a look at the third party discounting the rooms at a price lower than what is available through the official channel. This is a big no no. The lowest rates should always be available through the official channels.

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