Reader Question: Hotel Lost Bag That Was Left For Storage – Appropriate Compensation?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email about appropriate compensation for a bag that was left behind and hotel apparently lost.


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The photo above is not from the reader’s incident but just random shot from my archives.

Here’s the email from the reader:

So I have run into a somewhat unique issue with a hotel recently in the UK.

I stayed one night at the hotel and left two suitcases in their storage.  I came back two weeks later for another visit and to get the luggage.  I was advised that they had “lost the luggage” but were tracking it down.

It seems that they had a large film crew filming over the weekend and had a substantial amount of bags using the storage.  Said film crew “emptied” the storage, and had taken my bags along.

Luckily I had some clothes with me to make it through the week.  At the end of the week they had located/were shipping one suitcase, but could not find the other.  They refunded me the cost of the one suitcase (I had left it empty and taken my items in a duffle bag for the two week gap and reason I had some clothes).

They are currently now working to ship me the other suitcase.

In any event, not a standard issue.  And they were doing me a favor of the storage during a time between stays at the hotel.  So I am not sure if/how much I should ask for compensation, and wanted to get some thoughts.  I would rather not have them stop providing this service, but at the same time they really did a bad job of it.  

They did not offer any compensation except for the lost suitcase.  They did this immediately, but I had to fight to have it done on my credit card rather than cash/check, to avoid all the FX issues (I had charged the suitcase to same card).

I am almost certain that their official liability is zero for all the stuff left behind for storage in the UK. They shouldn’t have, however, let the “film crew” to just empty the storage without checking what belongs to them and what was actually left by other returning guests.

They have already covered the bag that have gone completely missing and “shipping” the bag that they have now somehow located. Not sure how the reader or the hotel can be sure at this point that the other bag and its content are actually intact.

The hotel should have properly recorded the bags and given reader the tags. Not sure if this hotel is independent or if it belongs to a chain.

The reader could ask points enough for a free night or two as a compensation.


I have left bags behind mostly in Bangkok and picked them up weeks later (not recently). They usually record them in a book and, if you store them for more than a week, usually put them in a longer term storage (takes longer to find).

This is a service that hotels don’t have to provide. I have never been turned down when I have requested it though. Perhaps ten times in Asia and couple of times in Europe.

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