IHG Rewards Club Points & Cash Email (What More I Could Do With P&C When I Have 2M Points?)


Sometimes I am shaking my head when I am reading marketing emails that I receive from hotel and airline programs.

IHG Rewards Club Points & Cash Email

Earlier in the week, Hyatt sent me an email trying to sell me more points when I have 1.1M sitting on my account. Then yesterday, I I got this email from IHG Rewards Club….

You can access IHG Rewards Club page for Points & Cash here.

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So, what went wrong here?

It is really impossible for me to travel or stay more!

Shouldn’t 2 million points be enough to last some time whenever destination starts calling my name?


Considering all the information the programs have about us, they could do much better targeting about what kind of emails they send out and and what text they actually use.

IHG doesn’t know how many nights I slept with other hotels last year. Considering that I spent more than 100 with them alone, it is unlikely that normal person would like to spend more nights with hotels and thus use Cash & Points.

BTW it is not really wise to have this many points banked with IHG Rewards Club or with any other loyalty program as they are devalued by a bit every year.

I actually did try to burn some IHG Rewards Club points this year in Bora Bora, but seems that either of the two properties there don’t want to make more rooms available using points that is the minimum required by the IHG (5%). Ended up using some Hilton Honors ones at the recently reopened Conrad Bora Bora instead and was very happy.