Whine Wednesdays: Hour Long Wait Times At Duesseldorf Airport Security Lines Due To Staff Shortage Of Private Security Firm


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about the situation at Germany’s Duesseldorf International Airport (DUS) where a private security firm (Kötter Security) has a staff shortage on their hands.

The situation is getting out of control and has reached a dangerous peak this week where passengers were standing close to 2 hours in line, many of whom missed their flights due to the long wait.

Duesseldorf Airport had this problem for a long time already and it’s somewhat unclear who is the culprit of this situation as a general staff shortage of apparently up to 75 people is dragging on the situation for months now.

This weak the problem has peaked with plenty of people including one of our readers missing their flight and the sentiment in the waiting masses turned against the security staff at the airport (which isn’t the most competent or friendly but definitely not at fault for the long wait which is caused by mismanagement).

RP Online (see here) had an article about the situation two days ago (in German).

The article says that during the daily shift a shortage of up to 75 security staff is responsible for the long wait times and the responsible security company Kötter Security estimates that this will last until at least mid-October.

Passengers are sometimes waiting in long lines all the way out the main doors in the fresh air with often only two of eight security checkpoints opened due to lack of employees to work them. On top of it all the airport management caused additional friction between the angered passengers and the staff by displaying signs that the security firm is responsible for the long wait times leading to some passengers yelling at and insulting the workers at the checkpoint.


While the firm might indeed be the culprit in this whole mess that is already going on for months, such action by the airport management is irresponsible in many ways and doesn’t contribute to a safe work environment for the employees. It doesn’t help anyone in this situation to publicly play the blame game.

One of our readers missed his Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and also the long haul connection to Doha. That caused him to also miss his previously booked Air Berlin award ticket ex DOH which is now lost without replacement as Air Berlin Topbonus has been shut down and no longer rebooks or refunds any tickets.

What a complete disaster! From what I see and read it’s the best to avoid any and all flights ex Duesseldorf Airport, especially those that leave from concourse A (Lufthansa, Germanwings etc.) where the fast track is also shut down at this given time.

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