Finnair Plus Status Match Promotion For Lufthansa Miles&More And Air Berlin Topbonus Customers Now Live!


Finnair Plus seems to be the first program that entered the status match arena for the abandoned souls of Air Berlin Topbonus and also Lufthansa Miles & More, offering instant Silver + Gold Challenge.

The match promotion is a bit half hearted though considering Finnair Silver (oneWorld Ruby) has no lounge access but it does come with extra baggage for Finnair and some good benefits.

When I first read Finnair is offering s status match I expected something really worthwhile but instead I was surprised to find this half-cooked match offer for Elites of Air Berlin and Lufthansa.

You can access the Finnair Plus Status Match page here.

Finnair Silver and a Gold Challenge for 40,000 point as offer for a Lufthansa Senator and HON Circle is laughable. Of course nobody has to take it but I think it’s a useless offer.

For Air Berlin Topbonus members however the offer doesn’t need to be very attractive since their own program is dead and the miles rendered worthless. The incentive for other programs to go the extra mile here is quite low.

Here you find details about Finnair Plus Silver Status.

These are the main benefits for Finnair Plus Silver and I find them quite generous. I also find the option to purchase a lounge access for 25 EUR pretty decent and would probably pay that if I had a 2-3 hour stopover in Helsinki (even though the offer has a time restriction I highly doubt the staff will comb through the lounge looking for guests who overstayed their 3 hours time limit).

Here are the instructions or Terms & Conditions for this promotion:

  • If you’re already a Finnair Plus member, please add your Finnair Plus membership number to be registered
  • If you’re not yet a member, please fill in the join form to be registered
  • After you have registered, you will receive an email with further instructions within 24 hours
  • Required documents for tier match/challenge
    • Copy of a valid topbonus or Miles & More tier card
    • Copy of the last 12 months’ topbonus or Miles & More mileage summary
    • Finnair Plus membership number
  • Finnair Plus Silver card will be given directly after the required documents have been verified, within 7–14 days
  • Finnair Plus Gold Challenge for topbonus Gold and Platinum members or Miles & More Senator and HON Circle members means you can gain Finnair Plus Gold tier with special tier limits: collect 40 000 tier points or 23 qualifying flights before 31.3.2018
  • Campaign is valid until further notice

The promotion appears to be valid for all tiers including Air Berlin Silver and Lufthansa Frequent Traveler (Star Alliance Silver).


It was just a question of time until the first airlines would come out to siphon a few customers off the Air Berlin mess. For the lower tiers of Topbonus as well as Miles&More (silver level) it’s a pretty generous offer in my opinion. oneWorld treats Ruby status exceptionally well in comparison to Star Alliance where Silver Level benefits are pretty much non existent apart from how individual airlines treat their own Silver Elites (United gives upgrades and Economy Plus, Lufthansa gives Business Lounge access etc.).

We probably see more of these offers in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned and let’s hope there will be more attractive options out there for the higher tiers.

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