Air Canada vs. CBC – AC Starts Cat-Fight with Television Network


Air Canada has decided to spice up this Friday afternoon by publishing an email conversation on its Facebook page (access here) that they had with the CBC.

AC Versus CBC

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) had emailed Air Canada’s media team a few times asking information for their upcoming piece about boarding. It seems that Air Canada’s media team wasn’t too fond of the conclusion that CBC had come to (and mistakenly emailed to Air Canada as well).

Here’s the CBC’s conclusion:

Air Canada 1

Am I surprised that someone using colorful language here? Absolutely not.

Here is the original CBC request that AC posted:

Air Canada 4

Air Canada’s media team must have been vacationing somewhere if they are not getting back to the CBC. Not good!

Here are the Air Canada’s replies that AC posted:

Air Canada 3

Air Canada 2

There are quiet a few comments on the Facebook page. I would say that majority are supportive of Air Canada as one would expect. Why would they otherwise follow the company?

AC Versus CBC Comment 2

Then there are some that are mildly critical.

AC Versus CBC Comment

AC Versus CBC Comment 1


I don’t think that it is good idea to start a fight with a media network. If they have an issue with the emails, they could have aired their grievances with a competing TV network or perhaps a newspaper. It would have been more mature and appropriate way than using Facebook.

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