Flight Review: American Airlines B787-Dreamliner BCN ORD (AA 41) Business Class


Recently I had the chance to try AA Business Class product on their B787 Dreamliner out of Barcelona and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the experience.

It was good to see they are implementing changes for good on their long-haul business class product. I also had a fantastic crew, that always help to make your flight experience more enjoyable.

The Seat and the Cabin

On the 787-8, AA has opted for a 1-2-1 configuration on their business class cabin, consisting of 7 rows divided by a service galley between rows 5 and 6, which creates a mini cabin of two rows with a less crowded, more intimate feeling. They use a forward/backward-facing configuration.

My seat (6L) was facing backwards, which I know is not everybody’s favorite but I personally like. The seat was wide and comfortable, with a very transpirable fabric. There was plenty of storage space, and a pillow, blanket and a bottle of water were placed on top as we boarded the plane.

The seat offered some lateral storage space for water or your amenity kit, and a closed trunk built into the top of the seat, with enough space for a small handbag or laptop bag. 2 USB ports and 2 power outlets were also available on the lateral storage space,

Individual light, remote control for the IFE and Bose noise-cancelling headphones were also available. The seat position was controlled with a touch screen built-in on the side of the seat.

The Amenity Kit

I like the new Cole Hann amenity kits, and I love Bigelow. The soft case is nice, and the content is great, including mouthwash (which by these days should be a standard offering in all airlines).

The Take-Off

Champagne was offered as pre-departure drink (on a plastic cup), and we were ready for a smooth take off!

In-Flight Entertainment

Large individual screen with lots of options in term of content, and with an added functionality: you can order your drinks from the screen and the crew will bring them to your seat! It’s the best way to keep hydrated!

The IFE also offered an on-board chat room, in case you feel like talking to your fellow travelers.

The Food On-Board

For the first time I felt the food on an AA long-haul flight was actually edible, and tasty. I had the Moroccan Chicken as my lunch choice, and it was tender and nicely seasoned. Previous to that, the standard offering of warm nuts and a drink of choice was served.

Sundae for dessert, with a glass of Port Vintage

The crew did a great job keeping me hydrated throughout the flight, and the snacks were also good.

By the time they brought the 2nd service, I was so full I couldn’t finish it, but the BBQ sandwich was tasty.

The Landing

We landed in Chicago before schedule, smooth and without issues,


I was glad to see that AA is stepping up their game. The food was tasty and the crew was funny and attentive, so different from my last experience with them on one of their old 767 with overhead monitors! Let’s hope they keep it that way.

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