British Airways Gold Member Club Europe First Row Seating For Companion Too? (YES!)

On Saturday, I saw comments on a Facebook group that someone had published a piece that British Airways would supposedly no longer allow Gold members to choose first row seat on Club Europe for their companion.

British Airways Seventh Mixed Fleet Strike March 3 - 9, 2017

As I am a British Airways Gold (GGL in fact), I decided to check what was going on with BA and made a purchase on Expedia for one-way business class ticker for two from London to some European city (Expedia allow easy cancellation even on non-cancelable fares).

So, made a purchase on Expedia and the companion had no frequent flier number on file and logged in to my BA account:


And then clicked the link to reserve seats:

Seats Selected

Seats 1A and 1C were already assigned.


Someone probably should have made a booking for two on a Gold account before making a headless post to check whether someone can choose the seats on the first row for two or not?

It is bit crazy though that you must be a Gold member to be able to reserve the firs row seats on these short-haul flights and GGL to get the first row window seats on long-haul first class.

Even paid business class fares (short or long-haul) won’t allow you to choose seat for free unless you have status.

I actually prefer sitting on the first row, although there isn’t that much for your legs. At least you don’t have to observe what other passengers might be doing and nobody can recline on your face.

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