Using Hilton Honors Points For Amazon Purchases Now Live

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Hilton Honors has now enabled the using points for purchases made on that values the points at 0.2 cents each.

Hilton Honors Amazon

You must first link your and Hilton Honors accounts. You can then instruct Amazon to always use your Hilton Honors balance first (if you wish).

You can access Hilton Honors page for linking to Amazon here.

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Hilton Honors Amazon What To Do

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The value of a Hilton Honors point when used towards Amazon purchase is 0.2 cents each. Yes. That is one fifth of a cent. I would NOT used Hilton Honors points towards Amazon merchandise if I would not have any other way to burn them.

You do have to remember that there are some members that earn points far faster than ever can use them. Then using them for Amazon purchases is probably a wise choice.

I am bit worried that this could be another way for some to hack member accounts and use points towards merchandise that can be easily converted cash down the road. The Point Pooling option that was released earlier this year was used by hackers to drain some member accounts of points.