Auckland Flight Delays & Cancellations Due To Burst Pipeline

Airlines operating from New Zealand’s Auckland airport have been facing challenges over the past few days and will continue until the burst pipeline has been fixed sometime next week.

Air New Zealand

The airlines are supplied only 30% of the normal capacity at the Auckland and have been told to refuel at other ports or cancel their flights. Emirates is refueling their Auckland flights in Melbourne, Air New Zealand is canceling some flights and other airlines are refueling at other airports in Australia and pacific.

You can access Air New Zealand website for travel disruptions here.

Here’s what Air New Zealand write about this fuel shortage:

The temporary shut-down of Refining New Zealand’s pipeline into Auckland is currently impacting all airlines operating into and out of Auckland Airport and limiting the volume of jet fuel able to be uplifted.

Air New Zealand is currently working through the implications for its operations over coming days and is putting a range of measures in place. These will include:

Cancelling some domestic and Tasman services to consolidate passenger loads

Ensuring domestic jet services uplift maximum fuel limits when operating out of Wellington or Christchurch to reduce fuel requirements ex Auckland.

Requiring some long-haul services to and from Asia and North America to undertake refueling stops at selected Pacific or Australian airports

Flight Cancellation List

Please see below for a list of flights currently affected by the fuel supply shortage.

If your flight is listed, and you have not received new flight details, please reach out to our contact centre at your earliest convenience. Contact numbers are provided below.

Wednesday 20 September

  • NZ413 Auckland to Wellington
  • NZ420 Wellington to Auckland 
  • NZ433 Auckland to Wellington
  • NZ440 Wellington to Auckland 
  • NZ441 Auckland to Wellington 
  • NZ412 Wellington to  Auckland
  • NZ535 Auckland to Christchurch
  • NZ546 Christchurch to Auckland
  • NZ555 Auckland to Christchurch
  • NZ566 Christchurch to Auckland
  • NZ617 Auckland to Queenstown
  • NZ420 Queenstown to Auckland
  • NZ754 Auckland to Nadi
  • NZ755 Nadi to Auckland
  • NZ729 Auckland to Melbourne 
  • NZ739 Auckland to Brisbane
  • NZ734 Brisbane to Auckland 
  • NZ791 Auckland to Adelaide 
  • NZ792 Adelaide to Auckland 
  • NZ269 Auckland to Ho Chi Minh 
  • NZ268 Ho Chi Minh to Auckland (affected passengers will receive new flight details shortly)

Thursday 21 September

  • NZ722 Melbourne to Auckland 
  • NZ28 Auckland to Houston (affected passengers will receive new flight details shortly)
  • NZ29 Houston to Auckland (affected passengers will receive new flight details shortly)


It is probably sometime next week before the situation in Auckland is back to normal. Don’t think that it is very good contingency planning that one pipeline burst can affect airport operations to this extend.

Airlines can fly into Auckland “heavy” and avoid refuelling there. Not very good good to the environment though.

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