TBT: Hotel Internet Vouchers & Data Limits!


The hotel internet connections have come along way in the past 20 years from being ridiculously expensive and bad to slowly being complimentary first to elite members and then to all (and sometimes very fast too!).

TBT Internet Vouchers

Can you remember when we had to deal with these internet vouchers that the hotel front desk used to hand out? Seems that at least some Protea hotels in South Africa still do!

The complimentary internet was capped at 500MB and you need to use these vouchers to get extra 500MB of data. I guess that they haven’t yet installed whatever system Marriott uses worldwide for unlimited internet access per guest.


Considering that most of the data and content that hotel guests access is in the “cloud” having enough bandwidth is even more critical than before.

I usually have mobile data access as a backup option if the hotel internet completely fails. The Project Fi from Google have saved my day quite a few times.