UPDATE: Marriott Rewards “Stay Twice Get A Free Night” Additional Bonus Offers September 12 – January 15, 2018


Marriott Rewards launched their latest MegaBonus last week called “Stay Twice Get A Free Night” (read more here) that is valid for stays between September 12 – January 15, 2018.

Marriott Rewards Promo Registration Issue Update

After two stays, members should get personalized offer to unlock additional bonus offer(s) within 2 – 3. Some (myself included) members have had trouble register for this MegaBonus (read more here).

You can access this offer MegaBonus offer here.

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I wrote about completing the two stays and earning the free night certificate the other day (read more here).

Here’s reply from Marriott spokesperson for the two questions I had:

QUESTION: When the second part of the current MegaBonus are shown to members once they have completed two nights and the free night cert is deposited to the account? 

ANSWER: For the Q4 MegaBonus, we will begin triggering offers next week.  The first run will pick up everyone who has already completed the two paid stays minimum. Going forward, members who complete the 2 paid stays will be triggering offers within 2-3 days of their second stay posting to their account according to the terms and conditions.

QUESTION: How does this work for members that had to be signed up manually? To my understanding the member must also register for the additional offer(s). 

ANSWER: In the Q4 MegaBonus members will have to register for the offers that they unlock. They must register within 2 weeks of the offer becoming available to them.


So, it seems that getting the initial MegaBonus offers unlocked does take more time than the 2 – 3 days what was on the T&C if you completed the stays right after the MegaBonus was launched.

Let’s hope that these offers are triggered early next week and also extended to those members that had to be signed manually to this MegaBonus (like myself and many others).

Remember that you need to accept this additional bonus offer within two week or it will expire.